Starter Kit

The Organics Nutrients starter kit contains everything the plants need to develop a healthy root system, support rapid growth and to ensure a large yield.
The kit is sufficient for 10 – 20 plants (depending on the Pot size) and can be used for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
High quality organic fertilizers enrich your plants during every phase of growth.
From vegetation to bloom the plants get all the needed nutrients and therefore can reach their full potential.
Because of the organic activity caused by the natural fertilizers the quality of the soil improves, which enables a tastier and bigger yield.
Because of the simple application and natural ingridients there is no chance to overfertilize your plants. All products can be used in soil or coco-substrate.
500g Big Plant , 100g Mykoriza , 0.5 Ltr Pk Juice , 0.5 Ltr Big Start , 0.5 Ltr Power Plant
This product is suitable for organic farming According to Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic production.
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