Organic tea is a concentrated completely natural liquid fertiliser formed by the extraction of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Organic tea is nutritionally rich and helps plants with beneficial bacteria in the soil. Many different natural substances can be used to make organic tea. Here we would especially highlight compost and Big plant as a natural soil improver that add all the nutrients you need for healthy and lush growth. 
Organic substances like Big plant and compost are nutritionally rich and help plants with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in the soil. The use of compost tea is recommended whenever organisms in the soil or on plants are not optimal. Chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers will kill a range of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria in your soil that promote the growth of your plants. Organic tea improves life in your soil and is a great natural and organic way to enhance your garden. 


It improves plant growth with the help of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria and prevents disease-causing organisms from invading plants. 
Nutrient circulation is improved by increasing the availability of nutrients in the root system 
Reduces the negative effects of fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers on beneficial microorganisms in the soil 
Improves soil water retention 
All the nutrients found in compost tea contribute to building healthy and strong soils. Protozoa, bacteria, fungi and nutrients together create a well-structured soil 


1. Pour any amount of water into the container (in our case we have 10 l). 
2. Add Big plant fertilizer, per 10 l 2-3 scoops (you can also use compost). 
3. Add sugar (brown or molasses is recommended) so that beneficial bacteria can multiply. 
4. We insert an air pump into the container (in our case we have an aquarium pump) and connect it so that the bacteria start to multiply. Leave the pump running for 24-48 hours and use the tea immediately when the air pump is switched off. Dilute 1: 2- 1: 5 with water. Add the mixture to your plants 1x every 7-10 days. For foiled fertilization of plants we use a mixture of 1: 5 with water. You use stagnant water or rainwater, as chlorine kills the beneficial microorganisms and bacteria in organic tea. 
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